The company is a member of Saleh Bin Lahej Group of Companies. The factory is established to comply with the development and construction boom prevailing in the United Arab Emirates with especially in the Emirate of Dubai so to cover all the local market needs of the Blocks and paving stones (Interlocks) with all types and sizes more over introducing new products.

Based on such requirements we imported the art-of-state German machinery specialized in manufacturing various cement products. The machines (OMAG) are full automated starting with primary materials insertion (Pebbles + Cement + sand + water + colors + chemicals), until emergence of the complete new products. All the factory components controlled by the computer system.

The Major Components of the Factory (OMAG):

1. The Central Mixer of 3000 liters capacity for the main mixture of Blocks & Interlocks.
2. One Central Mixer of 500 liters capacity for the coating mixture of the interlock.

Two Mixers are placed to guarantee the quality of the products that composed of two mixtures, the main mixture and the coating one.

The Central Mixer is the machine which mixes the primary materials perfectly (Pebbles + cement + sand + water + colors + chemicals), then prepare them to be transferred to specialized machinery that determines the shape and the size of the required product.

Block & Interlock Machine:

The machine works automatically and controlled by the computer system. In this stage the product is compacted and emerged by powerful vibrators to achieve the shape and size of the required product using the die located inside the same machine.

The automated carriage inside the drying chamber transports the product thereafter to the thermal treatment chamber wherein the product will remain for approximately 12 hours.

In this stage the Block & Interlock are treated perfectly before the product is moved outside for the required checking processes performed in the factory laboratory that continuously testing the primary materials before entering the production process.

After assuring the conformity of the product with Dubai Municipality standards, the Municipality representatives are called to make random samples of product, which was labeled showing the type and the date of production.

The samples shall be tested at Dubai Municipality laboratories and within 72 hours of the samples’ receipt a certificate will be issued that determines the consistency of the product with Dubai Municipality standard specifications.

After receiving the product’s conformity certificate form Dubai Municipality the process selling shall commence by transporting the products to different customers. The fleet of the factory trucks equipped by cranes transports the products from the factory to different locations of the customers where the products are unloaded in the specific places using the same cranes.

The Primary Materials:


The Cement is obtained from the local factories inside U.A.E.
Dubai Cement Factory (Al-Qurar)
Ras Al Khaimah Cement Factory
Fujairah Cement Factory

Pebbles and sand are brought from the local quarries available at the Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah and transported to the Factory by the factory’s trucks. A sample from each truck shall be taken to check the conformity of the material with the specification standards (BS882) stated by Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Water & Electric Authority (DEWA) supplies the water used in the process in accordance with the specifications standards BSEN1008.

BSEN 934: Admixtures
- Master Builders Technologies
- Cramix Middle East
- Fosroc

Supplied by Bayer Company of Germany.

Thermal Insulation Blocks
Light-weight Blocks
Regular Blocks of different sizes
Blocks for roofing of different sizes
Paving Stones (Interlock) of different sizes, colors & shapes

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